LNK File Extension

LNK files are commonly known as Windows shortcuts. They are used to refer to local files or remote urls. To view information in LNK file in Windows you can press right mouse button on a LNK file and select Properties from popup menu.

File Extension JNLP

JNLP is short for Java Network Launching Protocol. This format is used by Java to download and launch applications over the network. JNLP applications typically don't run from user internet browser.

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File Extension APK

APK extension is used to deliver and install application software and middleware onto Google Android system. APK file contains compiled Android application code and all resources which are required by this code.

File Extension OFXEF

OFX is Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format, an SGML-based file format standardized in 1997 by Intuit, Microsoft, and CheckFree. The specification allows for bank- and application-specific extensions, although only a subset is necessary to describe a financial transaction

File Extension DIAGCAB

DIAGCAB file is used by the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool to deliver diagnostic tools and software fixes to consumer computer.

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